Lots going on at Clarity–we’ve been busy!  Thanks again for all of the support!

If you’ve been in recently, you’ve no doubt seen us slicing away up on the block.  We rotate different cuts and preparations everyday.   Our menu now reflects the item that we have each day, and what we’ll have for the whole week.  These items go quick, so get in early to partake!

Here’s one that we’re real proud of:  Smoked Beef Brisket.

We useIMG_0926 a Wagyu Brisket from Snake River Farm in Boise, Idaho.  It gets our BBQ rub the night before, then 12 hours of smoke the next day.

Served family style with carrot slaw, Carolina-style BBQ and corn bread hush puppies.

Apparently summer is the season for BBQ in Vienna….